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Every company needs a registered office. You can choose between premises of your own with a fully-fledged business address or ac/o address. For some time now, the use of pure „mailbox companies“, which outwardly appear to be fully-fledged companies, has been regulated more thoroughly.
In November 2009, a new fact sheet was published in Switzerland on the topic of domicile: Fact sheet on Domicile (German only).

When starting up a company, you may find it useful to first choose a solution known as a „virtual office“, since you may travel a great deal, manage your business via mobile phone and notebook, yet carry out your company administration at the registered office, where you may also use premises as required.
To ensure that such a solution makes sense and is set up according to the regulations, there are a number of things you need to consider and fulfill. We would be glad to advise you in such matters and help you choose the right solution for your company.

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